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Nadine McDonald, President

Who we are

FLWC INC is a global
employment firm

The firm assist workers who intend to migrate to Canada find suitable employment. We are knowledgeable in the different job immigration programs and can assist you in finding the right job for the right program. In addition, the firm assist employers find qualified and suitable candidates. Our dedicated team and partners strive for the best results and treat every client like the first.

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Our Service

Employment Services

This service offer clients across the globe with finding employment opportunities in Canada.


Resume Building

We offer a professional resume building service that can lead to employment and interview opportunity. With this service you will be equipped for a successful interview conducted by an employer.

The Process

We take our work and clients’ file very serious and we ensure that you are covered every step of the way. This service allows us to ensure information is accurate, paperwork is complete and that your file is aligned with employment programs for a positive outcome.

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“So happy I found this company. President Nadine McDonald is so helpful and very understanding, she found me a job. I am so happy. Recommending flwc.”

Cynthia Williamson

“Professional and Knowledgeable and very helpful team. In my case Work Permit (LMIA)application. Going through visit visa to work permit is not easy journey in Canada. With the support, guidance, and great customer service it was approved. Thank you Nadine for your support. least but not least they are very friendly. So I would a 100% recommend them.”

Karthick J

“A very unique and easy process to help you. I recommend this services to everyone.”

John Aldridge