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The president of FLWC Inc. will meet with you to go over the process from top to bottom, and guide you in the right direction to secure a job position.

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Admin Team

FLWC Inc. administrative team assist in handling client care related questions, scheduling job interviews, and ensuring excellent client service.

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Marketing Team

Our Marketing team works diligently behind the scene to promote your skills & talents,  as well as advocating on your behalf,  to get you into the right position.

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Legal Team

FLWC Inc. legal team consist of Immigration Lawyers, Immigration Consultants, Employment Lawyers and Corporate Lawyers. The legal team in collaboration assures a smooth employment process, ensures obligations are met, and that the legal processing is handled appropriately according to The Employment Standard Act, The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, and other related Government Regulations.

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Offer From An Employer

Once FLWC Inc. connect clients with an employer willing to sponsor work permit, and an offer letter has been granted,  the firm's team guides the employer with the application and recruiting process. Clients are looked after the completion of the process to ensure safety in the workplace and that you are treated fairly. The legal team can also answer any legal questions you may have. (additional fees may apply).